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Offer / Scope

Me time GmbH offers personal training, group courses, postnatal courses, pregnancy courses and other services in the field of Pilates/fitness.

The services can be obtained and paid for individually or as a subscription for a certain number of hours during a defined period of time.

The contractual provisions in the concluded contract/subscription are decisive in advance. The general terms and conditions apply to all training, courses and services of Casa Pilates GmbH and apply in their current version as part of the customer contracts.



All subscriptions are personal and non-transferable.

All subscriptions are valid for one year from the first course visit for the number of training sessions/courses included in the subscription. Course cancellations during vacation or public holidays do not result in refunds or extensions.

The term of the subscription is binding. The subscription is not automatically renewed.

Paid but not or only partially used subscriptions expire after their period of validity. There is no entitlement to an extension or reimbursement.


No courses are offered during the school holidays of the Canton of Lucerne, on public holidays or on bridging days between public holidays and weekends, which is already included in the period of validity of the subscription.


terms of payment

The course fee (unless otherwise agreed) must be paid before the booked course via e-banking, credit card, twint or in cash. Payment period max. 10 days, no installment payments. 

Raiffaisenbank, Adligenswil-Udligenswil-Meggen

IBAN: CH66 8080 8005 6174 6311 0

Me time GmbH, Winkelbüelrain 16, 6043 Adligenswil

personal training

Agreed dates are binding. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the agreed date, otherwise the full amount will be charged or booked as taken on the subscription.


group lessons

Agreed dates are binding. Cancellations at least 12 hours before the booked lesson, otherwise the lesson will be fully charged from the subscription.


The group training takes place from two people. Registrations are possible up to 2 hours before the lesson.


If a lesson has to be cancelled, the participants will be informed by Me time via SMS/telephone, and this lesson will be credited to the customer's account.


The places are limited to a fixed number of people depending on the form of the hour. Pre-registration is recommended for customers to secure a place. There is no guarantee of a place in the case of drop-in or spontaneous visits.


trial lesson

A trial lesson can only be purchased once per person and is intended for new participants who have not yet attended any lessons at Me time GmbH.


Change of timetable

Changes in the timetable can be made at any time. Group lessons can be held by a representative without prior notification. There is no entitlement to reimbursement.


Subscription freeze in case of illness, pregnancy, etc.

All current subscriptions can be extended by a maximum of 8 weeks with a valid doctor's certificate (within 7 days of the finding). The subscription can be interrupted during pregnancy and reactivated after the birth.


Let us know if you have any complaints

In order to make the training optimal and safe, we ask customers to inform us in advance about any complaints, injuries or pregnancy. Me time GmbH assumes no liability for injuries during training or consequential damage.



Me time GmBH guarantees professional support of the offer based on the latest knowledge. However, each participant trains at their own risk. Mee time GmbH and its trainers assume no liability for injuries, consequential damage, accidents, property damage, loss and theft. Insurance is entirely the responsibility of the participant. Any liability of Me time GmbH is - as far as legally permissible - waived.



All customer data (registration form, website form, etc.) is stored, treated confidentially and not passed on to third parties.

Governing Law/Jurisdiction

Me time GmbH and the agreements concluded with customers are governed by Swiss law. Place of jurisdiction Lucerne.

Adligenswil, 2022

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